The Greatness of PuffCo Bluetooth Vapes

THE GREATNESS OF PUFFCO BLUETOOTH VAPES By Jessica M. Hancock When e-smokers want the very best in concentrate consumption together with sleek styling, cutting-edge technology, and access to an immersive community of like-minded vape enthusiasts Puffco delivers! Founded on the desire to provide the cleanest, most potent, and flavorful consumption experience with no learning curve, […]
Smart Smokers Choose Mr. Fog Disposable Vape Products

SMART SMOKERS CHOOSE MR FOG DISPOSABLE VAPE PRODUCTS By Jessica M. Hancock Smart smokers looking for the very best in e-liquids and devices choose Mr. Fog.  This young company, founded in 2015, is on a mission to provide safe alternatives to combustible tobacco products for adult smokers throughout the United States. The executives at Mr. […]
The Legalities of Weed in Indiana

THE LEGALITIES OF WEED IN INDIANA By Jessica M. Hancock Indiana is known for a lot of great things – the Indy 500, the largest sporting event in the world; being host to the headquarters for national and international organizations such as the NCAA, Eli Lilly, and Then there are the world-class educational institutions […]
Now There Is More than Corn in Indiana

NOW THERE IS MUCH MORE THAN CORN IN INDIANA By Jessica M. Hancock October 22, 2020, was a great day! On this particular Thursday, just 70 days before the end of what is widely considered one of the most hellish years in modern history (aka the initial year of COVID-19 pandemic), the USDA approved the […]
The Essential Nature of Smoking with Glass

THE ESSENTIAL NATURE OF SMOKING WITH GLASS By Jessica M. Hancock There is something truly special about smoking the perfect bud with the right glass. Glass pipes are an essential and classic way to smoke and there are as many different types of glass as there are varieties of weed. From bubblers to steamrollers, Sherlocks […]
Understanding Cannabis and Delta 8 THC

UNDERSTANDING CANNABIS AND DELTA-8-THC By Jessica M. Hancock As research into the Cannabis plant continues to grow, and science can tell us in detail about the chemical properties and reasons for the physical reactions resulting from the main psychoactive compound – Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC -- the world populous is learning more about the benefits and […]
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